More goodies for Etsy

Hot off the press -well fresh out of the Kiln.

Will attach hooks then take official pictures for Etsy.   Should be available ASAP… have to let the hooks dry first  otherwise we will hear the sound of “Ker-plink!

True coloring is so difficult to capture with these glazes.   The white ones below are more of a light mustard’y yellow with white highlights.  Too much Seattle Sun!

1588w 1589w 1590w 1592w 1593w 1594w 1595w 1596w

1597w 1600w

The heron is Handcarved, glazed in a darker Jade Green.  Aprox 4×8″ 3/4′ thick. weights about a full pound.

1602daf 1602orchid 1602tulip 1602w

This is more of my “Scrappy” tiles.   They are  2×2″ leftover clay scraps.   Kinda fun to have handy.


This we dont really see – do we!  I made a couple of tiles for FRIENDS only.