Always thinking outside of the Square… thats me.

I love color.

I love shapes.

I love to touch art.

I love things just a little out of the Ordinary.

I create Handmade Tiles.   I love carving clay and using Relief style techniques.  I grew up with a father that did woodcarving  and a mother who did Ceramics as hobbies.   I seemed to have combined the two in my creations.  My tendency is to create plants, birds and Koi, Beings of Nature. I love Subtle, organic, soothing colors. If I can squeeze in a little sense of humor, I will do so.

The process starts with wet clay, carved or molded. Dried slowly then initial firing followed by painting on glaze and complete with final firing.   I tend to lean toward mid-range firing depending on the project yet do low fire if I am looking for a specific color.

Where did the name Oddinary come from….?  I was made in Maine by Maniacs.  In Maine, they lost the letter “R” in the language.  As many know the phrases of “Parh the Cah’s” or “Lobstah”….    Nothing is Ordinary back there… Everything is Ahdinary…  since I tend to lean toward odd things – hence Oddinary.


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