Koi project update

Rough Cut with 2 more sections to be carved.  Each piece is approx 9″ square… this allows for shrinkage of the clay to 8″ squares – well kinda of curve squares.

More goodies for Etsy

Hot off the press -well fresh out of the Kiln. Will attach hooks then take official pictures for Etsy.   Should be available ASAP… have to let the hooks dry first  otherwise we will hear the sound of “Ker-plink! True coloring is so difficult to capture with these glazes.   The white ones below are … More More goodies for Etsy

New ATNW Booklet

Our new members Booklet has just been completed – Just in Time for our 10th Annual Festival. yep, thats me on the front cover – 2 chickadees Inside sneak peek – preview. I will scan the booklet for you viewing pleasure – soon.

Fresh out of kiln

My favorite at the moment.  wish the green and gold would show up better. and one last shot before adoption commences (delivery)  Hope they bond with new owner. 

New Work…

Just might be my Entry into this Novembers Artisan Tile Festival. The glaze is just what I was looking.  Celedon Green, matte with Accents of yellow.   Lots of depth in the pieces.  Will reshot these next week.