Custom orders


Due to a little Hitch-in-my-Giddy Up… I am temporarily unable to do large custom order.  Please feel free to contact me for updates…

Yes, I do work with the Trades~

Policy and Procedures:

My Products are hand made, hand painted.  I use both low fire and Medium fire clays depending on the project. 
I require 50% down, non refundable,  for supplies and materials to start.  50% upon completion.
I require a signed purchase order giving me the ok on your final design. 
I have paypal, Square and  checks.  I do not start a project until down pymnt clears.
Prices vary according to the project.  
Glazes are not an exact science. Glaze colors may vary from what you see on the computer screen, and what comes out of each jar. I will do my best to match your needs and send you samples of what your product may look like.  
Clay, also is not an exact science either – allow lead time for you projects;   small products 6-10 weeks: larger products 8-12 weeks.   
I do not make field tiles.  If you have samples of what you are working with, please send 
 Last but Not LEAST….    Little Imperfections are part of the Charm of Handmade Tiles. 
I first shape the tile, create the designs then it must be allowed to dry at its own pace.  Thickness, dampness of our Seattle weather and type of clay varies the drying process.  Once dried, the piece is fine tuned and fired in the kiln to 1940 degrees.   Once cooled, glazing begins.  Depending on your project, pieces will be fired at either 1890 degrees or 2230 Degrees.

~ ~ ~

The tile samples presented below are   “Low Fired” glazes. I also create mid-range fire tile pieces.  I used Duncan Ceramics glazes which I have found blend with many field tiles.  I do also work with higher fired clays and glazes for different effects.   I will do the best I can do to blend and match with any of your projects.   Do allow 4 to 6 weeks for straight forward tiles, 6-8 weeks for hand carved custom tiles.   For any custom requests I would prefer 6 to 8 weeks cushion – with the intention to deliver earlier.



Bunnies –  $36   13″ x 5″

Bunnies   with tops $45     13″ x 6″

Top portion for the bunnies is available… the original concept was to allow the bunny ears to be varied to add contrast to a bathroom back splash. The two square tiles are prototypes.  6″ and 4″ inserts will be available this spring.

~ Bi-Plane

Biplane – Measurements 12″ x 4″

Biplane – $36 per design set

The design is arranged to be continuous or edges can be squared off to fit with field tiles.


$25/2 piece design    11″ (tip to tip) x 5 3/4″

This would like great as the top final round in a shower, as a trim.  I used them in front porch as rising tiles


Fruit $36/design set 12.25 ” x 4″

This is a sample of one of Four sections to this design.  The original design was created for a continuous flow starting with “Continental Breakfast” into above fruits into Veggies. The total length is 54″.  

~ ~ ~

I spent 10 years working with Interior Designers painting murals, and creating specialty paint finishes in private homes and new construction projects.  That along with growing up with a father in the construction business… I have a thorough understanding of time constraints and the twists and turns that go along with projects.   

I request non-refundable 50% down at time of agreement and 50% at time of delivery.  I will be happy to create custom designs for projects.  $100 for three sample drawings ideas and $30/hour for additional work.     I base my prices on approx $3/in for individual purchase,  $2.75/inch depending on quantity purchased, design lengths vary.  The above prices are for single glaze colors. 

These are handmade tiles.   Little Imperfections are part of the charm of handmade tiles.  Please make sure your clients are aware of this.  I will do my best to create quality tiles.


Karen B. Morrice

Oddinary Tiles

425-868-7044 IF YOU CALL  please leave a message… muddy fingers are my normal state of affairs.